Step aside cupcakes, because the latest food trend set to take over the world is marshmallows. And we're not talking about the plain white ones you usually find roasting on a stick over a campfire:

The Daily Mail has more on how these artisan marshmallows are forecasted to be the next big sweet food fad of 2012:
Having crept into artisan circles last year, 2012 looks set to see the sugar and gelatine pillows take over the mainstream - their popularity defying some predictions.

At, Chicago chefs last May doubted whether the trend would take off - with Sandra Holl of Floriole cafe and Bakery saying she had a 'hard time' believing they'd trump cupcakes and Paul Fehribach of Big Jones restaurant questioning their versatility.
If you want to learn more about the art of fancy marshmallow making, then check out this behind the scenes clip below by Plush Puffs: