If you're a man in Saudi Arabia who is feeding your family from money made from selling women's underpants, you may want to reconsider your job options, because the country has banned male clerks from selling lingerie to women.

Saudi women have, for months, boycotted lingerie shops in an effort to make them hire women, and now the government says they will begin enforcing the law that bans men from women's stores this week.
In July there was a new push to have women replace male clerks in stores that sell only women's accessories, and thousands of women have already taken the positions. According to the Arab News, Thursday is the deadline to replace male salesmen in the shops. Fahd Al-Tukhaifi, a senior official from the Ministry of Labor, said that more than 28,000 Saudi women have taken up the positions. Though it's been reported that the jobs may be taken by foreign women, Al-Tukhaifi said the royal decree says the women must be Saudi. He said:

This will create an appropriate environment for women to work. On the economic front, it will create more job opportunities for women, and thus would be a boost to the Saudization drive in addition to accelerating the nation's economic progress.
Despite the relief to the women protesters, many still think the move is wrong, because it means that more women will be working in areas like shopping malls, even if all their customers are female.

In a recent sermon by Sheik Abdul-Aziz Al Sheikh, the country's most senior cleric, he said "The employment of women in stores that sell female apparel and a woman standing face to face with a man selling to him without modesty or shame can lead to wrongdoing, of which the burden of this will fall on the owners of the stores."

It is strange, however, that he thinks it's better for a man to size up the ladies who walk into a lingerie store, telling them what size would fit around their breasts and the kind of panties they should be wearing.