Can you believe that art student Joel Brochu spent the last 8 months recreating Shingo Uchiyama‘s photo of a beagle using 221,000 sprinkles?
From start to finish, this bathing beagle took a total of 8 months to create. It was such a long process that Brochu almost gave up. "Halfway through, I was ready to abandon the project entirely. Looking at what remained to be done was daunting, but, at the same time I was dying to see the finished piece. I couldn’t stop. I had to finish it. I wouldn’t let myself give up no matter how much I wanted to."

Astonishingly, Brochu only used six colors of sprinkles to create this 4-feet by 1 1/2-foot photorealistic piece. "Nothing was digitally manipulated," he says, "all the colors you see were created solely with those six sprinkle colors." The final image is best viewed at a distance of 16 feet. In total, 221,184 nonpareils sprinkles were used.
Scroll below for a closer look at this impressive art:

Images via My Modern MET