The Daily Mail reports that "experts" are issuing a warning to the world about a "rare condition" known as sleep-texting. This phenomenon occurs when people "send incoherent text messages while asleep to their friends and family." And the number of cases are slowly rising:
Sleep specialist Dr David Cunnington, of Melbourne Sleep Disorder Centre in Australia, said patients had reported incidents of sleep texting - and he has advised people to leave their mobile phones outside the bedroom.


He explained: 'People are doing so much during a normal day that it can mean that they feel like they're "on call" even at night.

'Because it's so easy to receive emails constantly, and get notifications from smartphones, it becomes more difficult for us to separate our waking and sleeping lives.'
Currently, there is no known cure other than keeping your phone out of the bedroom. If there's any consolation, at least you'll no longer have to worry about accidentally dialing your grandma while getting busy under the sheets with your lover...