Science has finally confirmed what every underdog in junior high school knew all along: hot people tend to be meaner than average-looking folks, and they also make more money.

According to the Observer, researchers conducted a classic prisoner's dilemma experiment, wherein players can choose to cooperate or to screw each other over for a potentially greater benefit. People with more symmetrical faces (i.e. more attractive) were more likely to pick the screw-over option. Their explanation:
As people with symmetrical faces tend to be healthier and more attractive, they are also more self-sufficient and have less of an incentive to co-operate and seek help from others. Through natural selection over thousands of years, these characteristics continue to the present day.
So attractive people don't have to be nice, because they can accomplish things on their own through genetic superiority (or maybe because they can get people to do stuff for them because they're so hot).

Maybe that's why being attractive could also make you richer. According to a study released earlier this month, men who scored low in measures of "agreeableness" (a tendency toward helping and cooperating with others) made 18% more money per year than those who scored high. For women, the difference was a more modest 5%. So being mean pays, but less so if you're a lady.

But if you happen to be one of these genetically gifted individuals, we hope you'll try to deviate from the status quo.