While many studies have shown that more educated women have fewer children, researchers have never been able to explain why that is so, until now.

A new study of childbearing and education has revealed surprising findings. The new study, which appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences focuses on 26,349 women in Norway who were born in 1964. The researchers compared yearly data on the women's childbearing and educational careers.

According to the experts, the findings reveal that many women who have children early aren't able to stay in school. According to Time, the women who had children by their mid-20s were far less likely to continue their eduction past the first two years of high school, which are mandatory in Norway. They're also less likely to earn a higher degree later in life compared to women who started having children after they graduated from college.

So basically, a woman has the option of either choose between her career or her family. It's really just an age old dilemma isn't it?