While many would be surprised to know that SMS split-ups were being practiced, others are all too familiar with this lame way of divorcing your spouse. The "triple talaq" (talaq is the Arabic term for divorce) is a controversial means of attaining a divorce associated with Sunni Islam. The husband simply needs to say "I divorce you" to his wife three times (using any medium) and the deed is done.

But the practice of ending one's marriage via mobile phone is being banned in Tajikistan, a predominantly Muslim Central Asian country. The head of the state religious affairs committee, has announced that sending text messages containing three instances of talaq as a means of divorce constitutes a breach of Islamic law.

The device has also been outlawed in Muslim-majority nations including Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In India, reciting the "triple talaq" without also engaging in arbitration and reconciliation barely means a thing.