Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan, who has been accused of stealing a necklace worth USD$2,500 has been told by the preceding judge that she will face jail time if she pleads guilty in her grand theft case. From MYFox:
With an armada of paparazzi camped outside and in the courtroom, Judge Douglas Schwartz emerged from a meeting behind closed doors with attorneys to lay out Lohan's options.

"This case does involve jail time, period. If you plead in front of me, you are going to jail, period," Schwartz said sternly.
This is just the latest in a series of legal issues that have plagued the once in-demand actress since her first DUI bust back in 2007.

Meanwhile, details about the footage from the jewelry store's surveillance camera where Lindsay allegedly stole the necklace are slowly emerging. According to Radar Online:
"Lindsay had removed a necklace of hers that she was wearing when she tried on the necklace in question,"

"As Lindsay was putting her necklace back on, it's apparent the store clerk was distracted by the male companion that was with Lindsay."

"The video then shows Lindsay and her male friend walking out of the store, all while Lindsay was wearing the necklace,"
If rumors of this alleged video are true, then there's really nothing much else that can be said to restore Lindsay's reputation...