Following a controversial split in 2004 where Barbie and Ken led single, confident ways, Ken has been revamping since 2006 to win the blond bombshell back.

Although kids don't generally keep up with Barbie and Ken's relationship status, Mattel has taken Ken to social networking sites to promote the new and improved 'Sweet Talking Ken' doll that Mattel hoists as the 'ultimate boyfriend for every occasion' because he "says whatever you want him to say!"

On Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, fans can follow Ken's adventures as he attempts to woo Barbie back into his arms. His tweets are currently heavy on promoting his romantic efforts, including a text campaign, where users can text THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN to 51684 to vote on whether the two love birds should get friendly again.

He also keeps his stream focused with his manly man style, tweeting about his favorite sports team, the Lakers, and his most recent reads in Men's Health and Esquire. Ken gets reminiscent on Foursquare, recalling memories and dropping charming lines.

He left a tip at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for example, that says, "Barbie could spend hours looking at the timeless art, and I could spend hours looking at Barbie." Awww.

Facebook seems to be the hub for Ken's activity. Posting photos and YouTube videos, name-dropping his favorite places and brands, and mentioning Barbie here and there, Ken updates his page about once per day. When he does, though, he makes it count. Across all three social profiles, the storyline stays cohesive and entertaining, and fans tend to interact with Ken as if they would any other "person."

The creepiest part of the campaign is that there is actually some guy, or girl managing Ken's social pages, chatting to real people who might think it's really a Ken doll talking. Egad! That's not the only part of the campaign grabbing attention. Barbie responds to Ken via Facebook and Twitter playing hard-to-get!

The website states, "Stay tuned as Ken fights to win Barbie's heart back, one grand gesture at a time." Now the question is...

Okay... now let's see if Ken ever wins Barbie back. And when he does, whatever will happen next?!