Apparently, you don't need to go through doctors, needles and experiments to choose the gender of your child. Mothers who eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and rice are more likely to have baby girls.

A Dutch study had 32 women who already had baby boys to try a special "little girl diet" high in calcium and magnesium, which resulted in 26 women having baby girls and only six gave birth to boys.

In this study, the women were asked to eat food like goat's cheese salad, vegetable stew, and rice pudding. Foods like potatoes and bananas were restricted as it has high levels of potassium and is believed to lead to bearing boys.

Old wives’ tales already advise women to eat certain foods such as spinach, nuts and broccoli in order to have girls

It is thought that levels of minerals in the blood affect the unfertilised egg, making it more receptive to female chromosomes.

Gender Consult, the Dutch consultantcy that led the research with Delft and Maastricht Universities, is now going to conduct the same experiment with women who have girls and want to have a little boy.

Annet Norlander, a biologist at the centre, said the results of the studies could help people to influence the sex of their child in future.
We don't know if this would work for sure, because in Asia where rice and vegetables are common members of lunch and dinner spreads, we still see a pretty equal amount of girls and boys being born. Would you try a different diet to influence the sex of your child?