Nothing is as soothing and invigorating as the trickling sound of water. Using water to decorate your home help you achieve that same feeling. From waterfalls to soothing aquariums, your transform home a beautiful experience to come home to, and here's how you do it:

Exterior water features add ambiance
An outdoor water feature added in a garden, at a pool, or near the front entry of your home are welcome additions for guests and home owners. Outdoor water features are beautiful to look at, and even better to listen to.  If you have a busy street that your home lies adjacent to, or you want a serene atmosphere, consider adding an exterior water feature.  Water features also help keep away bugs in the summer time due to the moving water, and at night can be lit up for a display of multi-colored lights and sounds.

Add water to a foyer or entryway of your home
If you'd like to add a dramatic entryway to your home, consider adding a water feature. Accent walls with river rock and water trickling over them makes a beautiful backdrop to an open entry foyer.  A Koi fish pond with a fountain adjacent will be focal point of discussion and enjoyment for guests visiting your home.  A landscape architect could help you design the perfect pond for your home.  Do it yourself varieties can be researched at your local home improvement store.

Add architectural interest with aquariums
Fish have a very calming effect on humans, especially when they are located in beautiful aquariums. Water features can include using architectural niches in your wall to add aquariums.  Aquariums can be simple or elaborate and can range in prices from thirty dollars into the thousands.  Aquariums can be housed in walls that separate spaces or in private bedrooms, bath rooms and hallways.  If you're concerned with maintenance, aquarium services are popular and are similar in nature to hiring a pool maintenance service.

Use desk sized water features to relieve stress
Water features don't have to be major installations into your home; they can also be portable for personal use.  Desk sized fountains and water features can help make your home office more productive and relaxing.  Some water fountains have soothing pre-recorded sounds to play to relax and create an organic atmosphere in any part of your home.

Still and moving water are both therapeutic
Still water in the form of reflecting ponds indoors and outdoors are welcome additions to entertaining spaces.  Evening entertaining around water features can add a beautiful backdrop for dining, mingling, or intimate guest gatherings.  Moving water can include waterfalls and artisan built one-of-a kind sculptures.  Artisans who specialize in water sculptures can visit your home and create a feature that includes the colors and textures of your home.

via Freshome