You know that voice women use when they flirt? Well, it seems that perking up your voice may not only help attract a man, but also makes other female rivals aware of your intentions! A new study has found that women can actually tell from other women's voices how much of a threat they pose to their relationships.

For the study, anthropologists at Pennsylvania State University played men a range of recordings of women's voices. Men judged those with higher-pitched tones to be the most attractive, especially when asked to choose who they would favor for a one night stand. When the same recording was used on women, they accurately predicted which voice would be the most appealing to the men.

These findings suggest a woman's high voice may signal youth and fertility to men, just as a man's deep voice is believed to signal dominance. Anthropologists also believe that higher voices in women may have evolved to sound youthful, flirty and attractive to potential mates. Hmm, maybe they should do a study on David Beckham's voice as well...

via Telegraph