A new book claims that Lady Gaga was hospitalised at least six times last year as a result of her extreme dieting.

Written by Maureen Callahan, the new book 'Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga' supposedly features statements made by Gaga's former tour manager, David Ciemny. He claims she would binge on junk food such as cakes and sweets, then not eat for weeks to fit into her costumes. According to Ciemny, Gaga once losing 9kgs between fittings for one of her outfits (sounds doubtful, or is it?)

This isn't the first time we've heard about Gaga's health problems. Back in March, Gaga collapsed onstage while performing in Montreal, seemingly exhausted.

Here's a recent photo of Lady Gaga dressed up as the Statue of Liberty for V Magazine's New York issue:

Thanks to the magic of photoshop, we can't really tell if Gaga has been starving herself for the sake of high fashion. Hopefully she doesn't end up killing herself by dieting like crazy just to appease the expectations of Hollywood.

via Popeater