Lufthansa seems to be the fun airline to be associated with. I mean, with pillow fights like these, who needs in-flight entertainment?!

The pillow fight was spontaneous as a stewardess hands out pillows to the passengers.

According to TheDailyMail:
The pillow fight seems to have started innocently enough when the stewardess walked down the aisle handing them out. A few strays were thrown about by mischievous passengers before everyone in the cabin got involved.

A male passenger who was in the cabin, but declined to be named, said: ‘It certainly relieved the tension. ‘There were pillows flying all over the place and I could not believe it was happening.

Everyone had a grin on their face and for the rest of the flight we were all in a good mood. People always looks so miserable when they fly and this was the perfect way to start a flight.

They should make it company policy!’