Some feline lovers might feel that the canines have been dominating the pets hotel industry as of late. But the Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel is sure to rival any of those luxury dog hotels:

Located in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, this is by far the best resort for your kitty to stay while you are away. It is an absolute haven for your four-legged companion, and offers everything a cat could want from an organic "A La Cat' menu including poached salmon, tiger prawns and even steamed white fish (served in fine silverware and china plates of course) to calming music (Jazz and classical).

The hotel comprises of six luxury chalets, each individually themed and heated with widows that have bird boxes to keep the cats entertained.

To keep the cats hydrated, the owners of this luxury pet hotel, Abi and Matt Purser have installed porcelain water fountains that deliver perfectly fresh oxygenated water.

For the ultimate pampering experience, splurge on the hotels various services like the Grooming Pamper Package, as well as delicate treatments for the eyes and ears. We hear that the owners of the hotel are even planning to install a machine which blows out catnip flavored bubbles!

A stay for your kitty at this feline luxury hotel costs between £15 ($23) and £19 ($29) a night, with extras like the A La Cat menu at £3.50 ($6) a day.

via DailyM