Stress is an everyday part of life. Everyone experiences it so it’s perfectly normal to be stressed out. But honestly, normal doesn’t necessarily mean healthy for the body. Stress may bring about physical and emotional changes plus may even lead to some illnesses, such as ulcers, high blood pressure, tension, burn out and so on.
According to psychologist Robert Sarmiento, Ph.D., “The way I think of it, stress is a "false alarm." What I mean is that it is the erroneous activation of the "danger alarm" system of the brain. I visualize it as a big red fire alarm inside the head. When the danger alarm is turned on, it produces a physiological response called the "fight or flight" reaction, which helps us to fight the danger or flee it.”

Fortunately, stress can be cured. You just need to control stress and don’t let stress control you.
So how do we manage stress? According to Dr. Sarmiento, there are two ways to manage stress.
With the basis of stress as being equated to an alarm system, he says that you need to control stress in two ways:

  1. Learn how to turn off the alarm system through various relaxation methods.
  2. Learn how to not turn it on inadvertently in the first place.

Learning to relax and try to take in one thing at a time will allow you to absorb life at a slower pace. By keeping the pace at a normal consistency in equilibrium, there is less chance of you being agitated and uptight.

Practical Steps to De-Stress:

Spend time with your family and friends. You can watch a play, a movie, or simply hang out for a picnic in the park with them. Try to engage in fun activities that will elicit loads of laughs and excitement.

Treat Yourself. Indulge in a day of self-pampering, like going to a spa-salon. Have your nails done, your hair trimmed, your face cleansed, and end it all with a full body massage. Treating yourself will help make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated from a week full of stress and work.

Wake up early in the morning. This is the perfect time to meditate on your goals and plan the day ahead. Treat yourself to a hearty and healthy breakfast, jog around the block and bask in the early morning mist. A good workout in the morning will help boost the endorphin levels in your system and keep you alert and cheerful for the rest of the day.

Drive around. With no particular destination in mind, just drive around the block or around your city. Stop for coffee at a nearby coffee shop, or just grab some snacks you can bring along as you drive.

Go swimming. Go to a beach or a swimming resort near you and have a splashing good time. A lot of people find water therapy and swimming very effective in relieving stress. Additionally, it will also help you exercise your muscles.

Watch a game. Be it a basketball game, a baseball game, or a badminton match, and cheer loudly. This will help you release all the negative energies in you.

Stretch your muscles. Most of us think that distressing involves some sort of activity; but little do we know that it is also something that can be done without really having to leave work. Simple stretching routines are fantastic stress relievers that shouldn't be taken for granted.

Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. Keep in mind that laughing is an effective method to relieve physical, mental, and emotional stress. When you laugh, it is a clear manifestation that you have an amplified and heightened spirit.

Learning to de-stress stress is actually a manageable thing. All it takes is some time and some conscious effort to really get rid of the things that bother you most. Once done, challenges and problems in life will just be a breeze.