It has been reported that a North Carolina cupcake shop has apologized for adopting the unfunny slogan "So Good It Makes Fat People Cry," (LOL!) and for offending a customer.

It wall started when a customer named Diana mailed the Crumb bakery co-owner Carrie Nickerson to protest against the slogan. Nickerson responded, via email:

    We offend everybody equally. You are the one with hate in your heart not us. Since we are fortunate enough to live in America you can do whatever you want.

She then proceeded to her Twitter feed (now private) and labeled Diana as a 'fat cunt'. Carrie eventually came to her senses, and realised that calling customers cunts might not be the best way to promote a business. She soon issued this half-hearted apology below:

    Regarding our slogan, let us begin by apologizing to you, Diana, and everyone else we have offended. This was never our intention. The tagline was meant as a joke and nothing more. We never meant to hurt anyone. The tagline is no longer in use and the tweets you found offensive have been removed.

Sigh, and here we thought that cupcake makers always had such 'sweet' personalities...