Details on the Jonathan Wicks, in which the TV location manager was said to have killed his wife Sarah because she over-cooked his birthday dinner, were revealed in court yesterday.

It all began when the couple hosted a Sunday lunch on May 3rd, 2009, for guests at their home. When the guests left, the accused claims that his wife began throwing plates at him because of his remarks over how she had burnt the roast during dinner. He then either punched or slapped his wife once, left the home and drove around for 20 minutes before heading back.

When he arrived home, he claims he found his wife laying on the kitchen floor. Wicks then said he contacted the paramedics, who arrived at the home to find Mr. Wicks completely despondent.

Wicks, who was two and a half times over the legal drink-drive limit when he hit Mrs Wicks, launched a four-letter tirade at police when they arrested him on suspicion of murdering his wife.

Wicks raged: 'My wife is dead. I may have killed her. Do you really think I give a flying ****?

'Your procedures are really ******* annoying me.'

Mrs Wicks was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead. The court heard petite Mrs Wicks stood 'no chance' of survival after being attacked by her 6ft 2in husband. A post-mortem examination revealed the likely cause of death was due to a fatal blow that severed an artery in the victim's neck. She is said to have died almost immediately. The trial continues.