No more flipping through magazines for freebies ladies as the fashion industry is beginning to embrace the potential of location-based services such as Foursquare and Gowalla to promote your favourite brands. According to Shari Doherty, a consumer-marketing consultant with over 15 years of industry experience in digital entertainment, mobile and location-based services:

"The convergence of fashion and mobile technology was previously limited to fun, co-branded mobile phones (like the Juicy Couture T-Mobile Sidekick). But now, with the advent of location-based services, there are even more exciting opportunities for fashion retailers and brands to deliver entertaining and interactive experiences.

"We're now starting to see more cross-platform experiments that blend social networking elements into the physical store experience. And with the continued evolution of mobile and location technologies, a 'check-in' on your favorite application will unlock even more comprehensive place-based info like photos, videos, reviews and real-time advice."

These location-enhanced shopping experiences have the potential to provide improved customer loyalty, referrals, and sales, both online and offline. Easy to use mobile access to global fashion content and community is a powerful tool to inform, inspire, and curate the local shopping experience. Pioneers of this uplifting trend include fashion giant Marc Jacobs and Lucky Magazine who have utilised Foursquare's fullest potential to take online interactions offline and become more in tune with their consumers needs and preferences.

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