Like most outdoor-dogs, Bronson the labrador loves bringing home interesting finds from the fields of Melbourne, Australia. During this particular incident however, he managed to get himself entangled around the snout by a deadly copperhead snake.

The venom of the copperhead snake can cause intense pain, tingling, throbbing, swelling, and severe nausea. Damage can occur to muscle and bone tissue, especially when the bite occurs in the outer extremities such as the hands and feet, areas in which there is not a large muscle mass to absorb the venom.

Bronson's owner, Deborah and Peter Allen, had to carefully find a way to remove the entangled snake without putting themselves at risk. Bronson, aged 11, had been trained by the couple to always remain totally rigid when ordered to do so if he was found carrying something he'd found in the fields. Once, he even found Peter's lost phone and brought it home.

The couple were eventually able to remove the snake by lowering a grain bag to the ground, placing it over the dog's snout and commanding the dog to release its grip. They then quickly sealed the bag containing the snake before rushing Bronson to a local vet. A blood test confirmed he had received a bite from the snake and Bronson was put on a drip for four days before being allowed to return home in the best of health.

Thia isn't the first report on animals bringing unexpected snake ornaments home. Back in 2007, a southern Tasmanian cat named Jelly was found with a copperhead snake dangling around her collar. Although bitten, the cat managed to pull through to live the rest of its remaining 8 lives.