MALAYSIA: Following the church attacks which occured recently, a student posted a comment on Facebook which threatened the safety of the public. He was charged on Friday but no plea was recorded since judge Aslam Zainudding was away on official duty that day.
Mohamad Tasyrif was charged with consciously using the Internet application to make a comment on Facebook with the intention of disturbing others by using the consumer’s account of Shahrul Maizam, by writing “ke nak aku baling bom petrol di sana plak?...harga boleh runding...” (should I throw the petrol bomb there now?...price is negotiable)...”

Tasyrif was charged under a section of the Communications and Multimedia Act which carries a fine up to RM50, 000 or jail term up to one year, or both. Tasyrif's father posted bail of RM6, 000 with one surety.