40  yr-old Veronica Deramous of Suitland, Maryland befriended a homeless pregnant woman at a southeast Washington homeless shelter. Teka Adams was in her third trimester when Deramous persuaded her to visit her apartment on December 1 with the promise of baby clothes and other things for the unborn child. Once at the apartment she tied Adams' hands up and tried to cut the baby out of her stomach.

"She bound the victim's hands and proceeded to try to cut the victim's abdomen to try to get the baby out," she said. "They believe she wanted the victim's baby."

Police said Deramous told some people she was pregnant even though she was not.

Police said Adams is expected to recover. Her daughter -- named Miracle Sky -- was delivered by emergency Cesarean section.

When police found Adams her "abdomen was cut and her intestines, stomach and placenta were exposed," according a police report. In the apartment, officers found bloody towels and a bowl with water and washcloths on a bedroom floor. They also found a box cutter and some razor blades, which they believe Deramous used to cut Adams, Reedy said.