A woman has given birth to what she describes as a "miracle" baby boy, 13 years after being sterilized.

Though 43-year-old Debbie Amos had the operation to stop her falling pregnant again after having three children, she discovered three months ago that she was six months pregnant.

Both Debbie and her husband Melvyn were shocked because Debbie - who is already a grandmother - had trouble conceiving when they first got married.

Because of her irregular periods, Debbie took fertility drug, Clomid, to speed up ovulation when she was 19, which helped her conceive her daughter Kerri, 24 and son Glen, 19.

The couple then decided not to have anymore children, so Debbie stopped taking the drug. She however, fell pregnant later on with daughter Rebecca, now 16.

Debbie then got herself sterilized. She said: "I was doubly sterilised - my fallopian tubes were both cauterised and clipped so I thought there was no way i could get pregnant again."

Although it seems like the couple didn't want the fourth pregnancy - with Debbie claiming she cried for a week upon finding out, and being in utter shock and everything - they are now deeming their newborn son Connor a "miracle" baby, even though they seemingly did all they could to prevent getting pregnant.

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