On the December cover of W magazine, Demi Moore's hip looks a little weird, while the rest of her body looks flawlessly skinny. BoingBoing points out that this may be another Photoshop disaster, but there is a possibility that the weird hip may be a little mishap of the dress, Moore's body, and the awkward angle of her pose.

Of course, we're not saying the actress hasn't been heavily airbrushed - because it's only normal that W magazine would airbrush their cover girl. But looking at the design of the strange dress, and remembering how the skinny human hip looks like, it's possible that this photo may not really be a Photoshop mishap.

Firstly, check out the dress - it already looks strange on the bony model.

Secondly, check out Moore's body - it's squarish. And it's only natural that she has bony hips, because this woman is skinny.

Now look at these other models. They've got the boney hips too. If you angle it accordingly, and if you add some unfortunately-placed materials there, it's possible that their thighs will loook like it's disconnected from their hips.

See where the model's hand is placed - that's where the joint is, and if you drape a cloth over it, her leg will look awkwardly disconnected.

Though, without a doubt Demi Moore is airbrushed, if she were to be leaning heavily on her right leg, sticking her right hip as far out as possible (meaning that her hips would be slightly twisted, and her body still straight) her left hip would therefore look disconnected. And if you don't understand what I'm saying, it can indeed be done - just look at the two models above and visualize.

Then there's Tori Spelling. The human body can't do more bizarre things than hers:

[via BoingBoing]