Lady Gaga is known for her eye-burning ensembles and the ridiculous things she says. But let's face it - we need her.

The singer will perform on September 13 and the MTV Video Music Awards and is planning something big, she says. In an interview in Newsweek, she says: "I'm going to be performing one of the most recent singles off my album. But it's going to be a different and more dramatic interpretation. And it is most certainly rooted in New York-style performance art."


Gaga explains:
It's less of me singing the song, and more of an art installation. A performance-art piece. It's very well-designed and thought out, and we've been planning it for months and months. It is for me a very meaningful performance, [for] where I am in my career, as well as the experiences I've had, as well as the co-headlining tour I'm going on in the fall. […] I sort of have this philosophy about things: there's never a reason to do something unless it's going to be memorable, unless it's going to change things, unless it's going to inspire a movement. With the song and with the performance, I hope to say something very grave about fame and the price of it.

We still didn't get it. But even more puzzling is the explanation she gives when asked what she's going to wear:

I would say that the fashion for the performance is a representation of the most stoic and memorable martyrs of fame in history. It's intended to be an iconic image that represents people. I think after watching the performance and maybe studying it after you watch it on YouTube, you'll see the references and the symbols come through.

Gaga also sheds some light on her lighting scheme: "I like it to be moody. I like it to evoke an idea more than light in my face. It's not about what you see. It's about what you don't see, and sometimes that vacant space can be very scary.

Yes, Lady Gaga's "philosophies" and "symbols" and "artistic" explanations may get tiring after around. It would be much easier if she just said, "I'm going to dress like Joan of Arc. It's gonna be dope." But the other pop sensations appearing everywhere right now? Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift - both of whom are not exactly interesting.

Pop music should be a lot more than pop-rock mimicking. Lots of people can sing and write songs, though not many of them can actually sing well, or write catchy songs. Lady Gaga does both, plus being a very entertaining performer. She makes it exciting, we have to admit, and thrilling, unexpected.

I mean, how can you not love someone who would simply agree with rumours of being a hermaphrodite, just to shut us up? How can you not love someone who doesn't like to wear pants? Let's face it - Lady Gaga is pure entertainment, and we need her to stir up this bland landscape right now.

[via Jezebel]