Seriously, where would we be without the Internet? Most of us shudder at the thought of going through a day without Internet connection. It will feel as though we've lost a limb, that's how dependant we are on it. It's the fastest way to connect with the rest of the world and to foster long-distance friendship and of course, what would businesses do without conference calls and email?

Heck, we won't be posting up awesome stuff each day without the Internet!

Forty years ago (Sepetmber 2, 1969), Leonard Kleinrock's UCLA lab made the Internet possible. A group of computer scientists managed to pass bits of data from one computer to another over some grey cable and voila... Internet connection was born!

Some people may argue that the actual birthday was October 29, 1969 - when Kleinrock sent the first message, "LO" between two nodes, UCLA to Stanford. No, not as in "LO AND BEHOLD, THE INTERNET" although it might as well be. It was supposed to be "LOGIN" but the system crashed after Kleinrock typed "L" and "O".

Source: Boing Boing