After publishing a photo of a naked plus-size Lizzi Miller, Glamour is now planning to take their "naked fat girl extravaganza" to the next level: the November issue!

The issue will feature plus-size models Kate Dillon, Jennie Runk, Amy Lemons, Crystal Renn, Ashley Graham and Anansa Sims as well as Miller.

As usual, the reason behind why everybody seems so taken up with these plus-sized models is because these are "real women" that reflect the majority.

But why does the media have to define "real women" according to the fact that they're a size 8 and above? We're all real women, and just so happens we come in all shapes and sizes.

Having a special issue to celebrate the 'fats' doesn't really count as a big step forward in the fashion world. A real step forward would be to have issues showing normal women of all shapes and sizes, without airbrushing and plastic surgery and make up.

It's a little far-fetched to say this, of course. But okay, perhaps the 'fat' issue for Glamour does say something about being confident with your self-image and sort-of makes a statement for judgemental views against women with cellulite and flesh. This is a tiny step, but at least it's a start.

[via Jezebel]