We thought Edward Cullen's sneaking into Bella's room while she's sleeping to stare at her was creepy. Now there's someone even creepier: the "Georgetown Cuddler", who has struck twice near the D.C. University's campus in the last three days.

He broke into the homes of two sleeping female students, and got into bed with them. We bet Edward Cullen would do that if he could.

Anyway, the man, described as white, about 25 to 30 years old, between 5'8" and 6'0", with a medium build, is believed to be targeting female students. In the spring, several similar incidents were reported, and now that school's started again, he's hard at work again.

So far, nobody has been harmed by the cuddler, who apparently leaves when his cuddled victims wake up and start screaming, but dozens of women have been terrified, and others on campus are pretty scared too.

Back in March, Georgetown student Maria Hayden told NBC Washington: "the idea of someone coming and just laying with you in the middle of the night is terrifying."

Police are now reminding students to lock their doors and windows, which was the same advice they gave them back in June and March when it was happening.

[via Jezebel]