Shari Arison is the controlling stockholder in Israel's largest bank and its largest construction company, heiress to the the Carnival Cruise Lines fortune and head of a lot of other things.

Other that being extremely wealthy, she claims to have the ability to see the future - the 2004 Indonesian tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and even the global economic crash.

She claims to have kept these visions under her belt in fear, but now says she's ready to go public with her visions.

Arison is well aware of the eye-rolling she's going to get from the media, but doesn't quite get it. "Here I am -- a women, a businesswoman -- coming out with ideas that it is okay for a rabbi to have, or it is okay for a spiritual leader to have or an astrologist to have or whoever," she says, adding that for many people, the idea of a banker with a spiritual gift "is scary".

Of her recent visions, she says she sees the world as "The quiet, the calm and the freedom it will have."

Well, she's a multi-billionaire woman, so, we'll just take that.

[via WashingtonPost]