Ris Low (middle) flanked by Claire Lee (left) and Pilar Arlando after being crowned Miss Singapore 2009

For those of you who appreciate the literary arts and language, you will find this very much amusing, and totally degrading to Miss World standards. With no offense or intention to diminish Singapore's hope of winning the Miss World title, we have decided to post this videoclip up in order to save the English language for the future of all mankind. 

Ris Low, winner of Miss Singapore 2009 has not only proven herself a beauty with, well brains maybe, but also lacking tremendous communication skills in this horrifyingly painful interview with The Straits Times Razor TV. It's not like Singapore is a country where English is a scarcely used language! They have widely publicised the use of 'Singlish' which is the usage of English in a Singaporean way. There is however a difference between Singlish and what you will see in the video below.

So let us study this move of Singapore's. Is it that they gave up on winning that they chose the best out of the worst for Miss World Singapore? Or does Ris Low have a secret surprise weapon? Or do they want to come across similar to the other non-English speaking countries? What could have they been thinking?!

Experiment: To explain a bright colour, one should use the word "Booms" - yes, in plural. Not a booming colour, but a 'booms'. Quote Ris Low "Something,  you know? Booms". Typing that gave me a cold chill.