Wall Street Journal's Katherine Boehret explores the differences that make both the iPhone and the Blackberry so unique, purely though the testing of five people, and observations.

Users were usually in favour of the iPhone for its many applications that worked better than on the BlackBerry. While the Apple's App Store boasts over 65,000 downloadable apps, BlackBerry's App World only has about 2,000 apps.

But the BlackBerry fares better when it comes to battery life. iPhone users were frustrated with its battery life, which was very low, if the user often uses it. The BlackBerry is more durable in this sense, that it didn't need to be charged more than once a day. Boehret explains this is because the BlackBerrys run on slower networks and had smaller screens - which require less battery power.

Then the two phones' keyboards were compared. BlackBerry seemed to be easier to use, as it has a QWERTY keyboard. The iPhone uses an on-screen keyboard, and those who switched to the iPhone from the BlackBerry had trouble using it at first. But after a week, they eventually adjusted to the iPhone's on-screen keys. However, typing on the iPhone seemed to take a bit longer than on the BlackBerry.

Though, the iPhone is a delight to use for its Web browser, which is more visually pleasing compared to the BlackBerry browser. But the BlackBerry has its advantages, being able to allow communication between all BlackBerrys.

The iPhone is also useful when entering a new time zone, as it automatically changes it for you. BlackBerrys remain set to their home time zone unless the user changes them.

RIM also prides itself on being able to run multiple applications at a time, while the iPhone allows this with its own preloaded programs (like Mail and Safari), but not with other apps.

The BlackBerry's AC adapter also takes up two outlet spots, while the iPhone pluc only occupies one outlet, making it more easy to charge in more locations.

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