Pastry chef Jean-Philippe Maury created this huge 25-tiered chocolate fountain in 2005, for the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas. The chocolate fountain is 27 feet tall, and circulates 120 quarts of chocolate per minute.

Building the fountain wasn't as simple as constructing a waterfall, says Maury. "Water doesn't change," he said. "Chocolate is complicated."

It must be at the proper temperature to flow properly, for starters. Then there’s the issue of the chocolate’s viscosity, which affects the flow. And the viscosity of chocolate changes with every little bit of moisture in the air.

“The envy of chocolate is humidity,” Maury said. With an increase in the humidity, cocoa butter and coconut oil must be added to the 2,100 pounds of chocolate in the tank. Maury takes viscosity readings every two or three days. 

Each of the 25 glass vessels from which the chocolate flows are unique, and every one of it is handmade in Montreal. Maury and his partner took seven months to test the system to perfection.

[via Neatorama]