A teenage girl who got her head stuck between rocks on a beach was rescued by firefighters, after a passerby was alerted with the sight of her pink socks.

Derek Champ had been walking along Herne Bay seafront with a friend and heard cries for help. But he couldn't locate where the sounds were coming from, until he noticed the pink socks around the rocks.

He alerted emergency services and the 16-year-old girl was rescued. They used specialist equipment to prise the rocks apart and free the girl just in time to stop her from drowning.

The teen had become trapped while looking for a cigarette lighter she dropped, slipped, and fell. The incoming tide would've drowned her if she hadn't been noticed.

"We were strolling along the promenade when we saw a pair of pink socks sticking out from the rocks," said Champ. "That girl was very lucky indeed not to drown."

An eyewitness added: "It was very dramatic. The tide was coming in fast and this girl was obviously terrified that she would drown. She was really screaming and everyone just stood around watching and hoping the firemen would get her out in time."

"It's a good jiob they were alerted quickly or she could have died in the most horrible way."

[via Telegraph]