On the Miss Universe live broadcast, Miss Venezuela was asked what women can do to overcome obstacles in the workplace. Her answer? Nothing about women's rights whatsoever: she said that women need to realize that "there are no longer any barriers against us."

With this answer, she won. Then again, it seemed to be the best among the answers the rest of the finalists gave for their questions. Unbelievably, it took 12 whole judges to pick the winner out of those ditzy answers.

But it's not surprising for the Miss Universe pageant to have anything to do with feminism or brains whatsoever, especially when the swimwear competition was introduced like this (by very annoying hosts, to add): "We're about to see all of the contestants in teeny tiny bikinis so they can show off their physical fitness for you and our judges."

The overall broadcast was okay, but things took a downturn once Heidi Montag appeared on stage, which was actually towards the beginning of the telecast.

In the beginning of the show, the contestants were introduced wearing a costume which represented their respective countries, which must've been the most interesting part, except that we only caught 5-second glimpses of some of the underdog contestants. With many a feathers, sequins and other structures and props (Miss Germany had colums attached to her back), it does make the contestants look interesting.

Miss USA missed the hit though, by looking borderline slutty.

Miss Ireland had an interesting costume, paying tribute to the beer and stout of the country, as it looked like a drunk person made it.

Miss Nigeria's moves were.. interesting.

But Miss China's moves were unbeatable.

And she won Miss Congeniality, which is nice.

Oh, there was also Kelly Rowland's off-tune performance, in which the singer somehow turned into Patti LaBelle.

[via Jezebel]