Lady Gaga was booed by her British fans after arriving late onstage for her performance at the V Festival Stafford.

The singer caused mass boos after keeping her fans waiting for 15 minutes, past her allocated stage time, but the boos quickly turned into cheers as she appeared onstage.

But her set was cut short and Gaga had to play a shortened version of Poker Face, and fans booed again. She said, "I'm so sorry, but I have to go. I'm so sorry, but I love you so much," before taking a bow and leaving the stage.

Apparently when she performed a piano-led version of Poker Face, her dancers were supposed to come onstage to finish the song. But they were stopped by stage staff, and the singer had to continue playing solo, until "the plug was pulled".

Gaga's attempts to win the crowd back by adding shoutouts to the song ("I always have pies, chips and mushy peas when I'm here..") didn't work.

After the show, Gaga Tweeted: "Stage manager pulled the plug because I was 5 minutes over my time at V fest. Show was incredible. A shame people have no respect for music." She wrote: "My fans were lovely and really deserved to hear pokerface. I love you and I'm sorry. X"

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