Two Chinese women who are friends at work were shocked when they discovered they were both married to the same man.

Cui Bin's wives - Zhang Dandan and Wang Na - worked at the same factory in Zhengzhou and became friends, sharing a love for karaoke (among other things..).

Everything seemed to be going fine when one day Wang heard her husband on the phone with another woman. Wang called the number back and was shocked when she recognized her friend's voice on the other end of the line. The two women then discovered they were married to the same man.

Cui, 42, married Zhang first, and had a daughter with her. But Cui was desperate for a son, and due to China's one baby per family policy, he secretly married Wang, who bore him a son afterward.

He divided his time between the two households, telling his wives his job as a builder took him away from home at times.

Though it's unclear how long Cui was carrying off the deception, since the two women found out their husband's secret, he has been sentenced to serve three months in jail for bigamy.

[via APP]