In every daily skincare regime, most of us don’t spend much time pampering our skin. There are the select few who have the time and talent to mask, exfoliate and all sorts, but as young women on the go, where on earth can we find the time to do such things?

The biggest set back is not putting on enough to protect our skin from the sun, and darkening. This is when it begins to look absolutely dull! And what about the future? Do we really want to encourage the appearance of dark spots? I don’t think so!

One way to keep your skin levels moist is to make sure your body is hydrated from the inside. Avoid eating oily and high calorie foods often, or, eat in moderation. Drinking sufficient water is essential but don’t go overboard though! You also need the correct nutrients to feed your skin with vitamins that bring out the radiance and glow from within.

Olay Natural White + Vitamins for your skin

Apart from staying away from fatty foods, a beauty care regimen is also very important. Olay Natural White understands the needs of young females like you, and contains a range of vitamins (Pro- B5, B3, E) to help you maintain the fair skin for your everyday activities. Sure, time is usually the deciding factor for your regimen, but Olay has an easy two-step skincare that would take at the most 5 minutes of your morning.  

It begins with the Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Facial Foaming Cleanser and finished off with Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Day Lotion SPF 24/PA++ to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day while protecting it from UV rays! It’s that simple.

At night, take a minute to apply the Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Night Cream before you lay that pretty head of yours to rest. And you’re done for the day!

Learn more about your skin in Olay’s uber fun Find Fairness Game! Your quest is to find the vitamins and at the same time gather useful tips to healthier skin! You also get a RM2 discount off all Olay Natural White products when you play and download the voucher at the "Giant hypermarket" in the Find Fairness game.* This will help provide your skin with the fairness it needs, because Olay Natural White includes a complete set of Vitamin E, B3 and Pro-B5 that helps nourish the skin to become naturally fairer. After all you don’t want your skin lacking nutrients, so start being fair to your skin now!

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How awesome is that? Let’s get to finding the vitamins now! It’s not only easy to play, its fun too! The animation is truly chic and the games are so addictive! Try it now, girlfriend!

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Enjoy fun and easy games!