Helmut Smits is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. One of his interesting, quirky works is FLAMMA, which is a set of 8 different IKEA products you can start a fire with, using the fire arc technique.

Smits has been known to recreate militant broadcasts with his own head in place of hostages. He also makes CMYK soft drinks and creates fruit and vegetable stadiums - which are pretty awesome.

"Sometimes, if things irritate me I react to them through my work," he said of his work. "I don't want to judge, I just want to point things out. I'm well aware of the relativity of the information that gets to me. I want to stimulate people to think for themselves and question the things happening around them and in the world."

Does this mean this guy has issues with IKEA, drinks colouring, terrorists and fruits? Well, he manages to do some pretty amazing stuff with them, and because it's cool, we will accept it as a work of ingenious art.

Here's a gallery of some of his works:

Full Colour, 2008: CMYK soft drinks, jerrycans, socle, cup dispenser. The Cyan colour is made of Gatorade Cool Blue, Magenta from Fernandes Cherry Bouquet, Yellow from Orangeade, and Black from Coca-Cola.

Football Stadium, 2002: Fruit crate boxes, fruit, wood, stands, halogen work lights, grass carpet.

Photo Tip, 2004: Wood, print, sandbags, chair

[via Cyanatrendland]