Women order smaller and less calorific means if eating with a man, than they do if eating with female peers, researchers found.

From NewsLite:
Tests by psychologists showed that women eating with a single male companion were more likely to order a salad than a steak, but that this changed when eating with another woman.

When ordering in mixed-gender groups womens food choices were at the lower end of the caloric scale, but the more men in the group the fewer the calories. When in all female groups women pigged out.

Experts from McMaster University believe the choice to eat less may be subconsciously controlled by a desire to signal attractiveness, which smaller portions seem to do.

"It is possible that small food portions signal attractiveness, and women conform, whether consciously or unconsciously, to small meals in order to be seen as more attractive," said researcher Meridith Young.

[via Newslite]