Suman Khatun, a five-year-old Indian girl, suffers from what doctors suspect to be hormonal imbalance. She is so hungry all the time that doctors fear she's eating herself to death.

In just one week, she consumes over 10 kilograms of rice, 24 eggs, six litres of milk and five kilos of potatoes, and even this amount cannot satisfy her hunger. Suman sneaks out and pesters neighbours for food in the village of Metiala, West Bengal.

Her parents are struggling to keep feeding her as they only earn about £6 a week. The family has been unable to travel to Calcutta for expert medical treatment because money is spent on their daughter's appetite.

"When she is not fed she cries, shouts, screams and has even thrown rocks at us," Suman's mother Belly Bibi said.

Suman also suffers from respiratory problems, making it hard for her to walk. She weighs in at almost 12 stone, and is only three and a half feet tall. At 2-years-old, she weighed seven stone, and has increased by up to 15 kilos per year.

"Suman's problems were first noticed when she was three months old," said Dr P. C. Saha, the local doctor for Burbhum district. "I believe that is it a clear case of a malfunctioning pituitary gland... But without diagnostic tools I can only treat the symptoms."

Dr. Saha fears that Suman will die if her parents don't stop over-feeding her or seek medical care in Delhi or Mumbai.

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