Women will cry for over 12,000 hours between birth and the age of 78, says a poll.

During their first year, baby girls will cry for three hours a day when they need feeding, changing or entertaining. As they grow older, teenagers cry for about 2 hours and 13 minutes a week, and by their mid 20's they will cry for as much as 2.24 hours a week, after falling out with a partner, watching a sad film, or losing a loved one.

The poll, conducted by TheBabyWebsite.com, surveyed 3,000 people, and 'explains' why women's reasons for crying change dramatically in a lifetime.

"It is unsurprising that young children cry as a direct result of having accidents," said Kathryn Crawford, of the Website. "Despite a parent's best efforts to childproof the home, being more adventurous goes hand in hand with a child's natural development."

The main reason why children between the ages of one and three cry cry about 2 hours and 5 minutes a day, include falling, hurting themselves, and feeling tired.

Children aged between four and 12 continue to cry 2 hours and 11 minutes a week, most likely after hurting themselves, being scolded, or for doing something naughty or feeling sick.

Teenagers on the other hand, cry due to hormones, arguing with friends, being dumped and being grounded.

More common reasons for women to cry are relationship problems, sad movies, losing a loved one, and seeing other people being sad.

[via Telegraph]