A Russian woman attacked the Mona Lisa painting with a mug, and has now reportedly undergone a psychological examination.

The woman caused a commotion when she threw a terracotta mug at Leonardo da Vinci's trademark painting, but the mug bounced off the bullet-proof glass protecting it and shattered on the floor. The woman was said to have bought her weapon earlier at the museum gift shop.

"There was no damage done to the painting whatsoever," a museum official said. "Naturally the Mona Lisa is a carefully watched and protected painting. It is kept in a special sealed box to protect it from vibrations, heat and humidity. It is protected by thick glass resistant to bullets and any other object hurled at it."

The attacker was seized by two museum security guards and handed over to central Paris police after the incident. Doctors tried to assess the woman and find out if she was suffering fron Stendhal Syndrome, a condition where perferctly sane individuals momentarily become mad and attact artwork.

This case naturally isn't the first of its kind. In July last year, a woman wearing lipstick "attacked" a painting by kissing it, leaving a left large red smudge. The price she had to pay wasn't pretty - she was sentenced to community work.

The previous year at Orsay Museum in Paris, a man ripped a hole in a painting by impressionist Claude Monet.

Another attack at the Louvre was in 1998, when a mathematics professore suddenly attacked a statue of the Roman philosopher Seneca with a hammer.

The Mona Lisa has also seen her fair share of trouble. In 1911, she was the only painting ever to be stolen from the Louvre, and then recovered. In 1956, it was damaged by a vandal who threw acid over it while it was on display at a museum in Montauban, France. The same year, a man threw a rock at the painting, leaving a scar below Mona Lisa's left elbow.

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