A woman was crushed to death in an elevator as her daughter looked on, helplessly in horror.

Christine Allen, 50, was believed to have become trapped between the closing doors of the faulty lift, after visiting her daughter and grandchildren. As she struggled to free herself, she was struck by the top of the doorway as the lift continued upwards.

Emergency services were called but they were unable to save Christine, who was a charity worker.

Her daughter Laura Dawkins, 26, said she repeatedly warned the council about the faulty lift in Lambourne Court, Woodford, East London.

"I told the council many times that the lift was broken," Laura said. "It's been out of order about four months and all I got from the council is that they haven't got the funding."

"My mum was visiting me and I was there when it happened. She was a lovely, bubble person, always thinking of others before herself," she said.

Robert Russell, 51, a friend of Christine, described the incident. He said when the doors opened on the eighth floor, the lift was not level with the floor.

"Christine jumped in and the lift carried on moving up. I shouted at her to get out," he said. But when she tried to escape, she was struck on the head. "Her hands were dangling out and I just held on them. I tried to feel for a pulse but to be honest I think it was death on impact."

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