In a country where summer is pretty much all year round, it is so easy to feel tired and drained, especially when you transit from air conditioned spaces to the natural heat. It’s so damaging for the skin! It just ends up looking super dull and blotchy.

I must admit I’ve gotten two shades darker just from running around for work, so not only does my skin suffer from the UV rays, it’s so tired and gross at the end of the day! Washing up is a chore and I don’t like the greasy feel of the skin. It just feels so dirty!

I try to use as much sun protection as I can but the greasiness of the product and my lack of discipline yielded poor (very poor!) results. I did however come across a range that I found absolutely easy to fulfil.

The Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Facial Foaming Cleanser helps clear off excess sebum yet doesn’t dry out the skin. Then to keep the moisture levels in check all I’d have to do is apply Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Day Cream.

At night I’m supposed to put on a thin layer of Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Night Cream which helps to seal in moisture while the vitamin complex is optimally absorbed during the night.

The fact that this regime is so simple and will present me with fair and healthier skin has just made my heart skip a beat! Yes, even guys don’t have that effect on me anymore.

The Olay Natural White Range works wonders. All items in the Natural White range contain the Triple Vitamin Complex that nourishes and feeds skin for a healthy glow from within. Which means, all that’s left is finding out what your skin needs!


Take your first step to clearer, fairer skin!

Join in the fun quest to find the vitamins in an exciting online game, to see the importance of feeding vitamins to your skin in a cute Find Fairness Game now! The more you play this game, the more tips you’ll gain to keeping healthier, fairer skin! You also stand a chance at winning an iPhone, digital camera and Olay Natural White products! The game is easy and really fun to play. It’s quite addictive and there are a selection of games you can play to boost your high score!

Screenshot 1: An exciting menu of interesting choices to click on!

Screenshot 2: A step closer to playing fun and interesting games. Click on the pedestrians to gain useful tips of all sorts!

Screenshot 3: An addictive word game that’s so easy to play. Beat the clock to get higher points!

You also get a RM2 discount off all Olay Natural White products when you play and download the voucher at the "Giant Hypermarket" in the Find Fairness game, so that you can begin your journey to nourishing your skin with the essential vitamins! This will help provide your skin with the fairness it needs, because Olay Natural White includes a complete set of Vitamin E, B3 and Pro-B5 that helps nourish the skin to become naturally fairer. After all you don’t want your skin lacking nutrients, so start being fair to your skin now!