WHOOOOOOOOSH!!! A year has passed and we didn't even notice where it went! Fooyoh.com turns FOUR today.

It's amazing to see how your baby turns out in the coming years. We're gone through the ups and downs and even times where it wasn't good or bad - it just got too comfortable! But we've picked up the speed and we're on the fast lane for now: upgrading, changing, and adding more features to our humble site for your viewing pleasure.

I for one have not realised how quick the years has come and gone, and would like to thank the Fooyoh team of editors, writers, coordinators, graphic designers, water boys (who deliver filtered water to our offices every week), mailmen, cleaning lady, and of course our wonderful and loyal sponsors who have been with us for a time now.


May we have many more great years to come.

Super Cheers,

Editor S.