A cheating man suffered the wrath of three very angry women when his wife informed them that not only was he married, he was three-timing all of them. The three angry women set out in rage, and got their revenge with some super glue.

According to ABCNews, one of the three women, Therese Ziemann, managed to trick the man into being blindfolded and bound in a hotel room, "with a promise of a massage."

Once the man was tied down, the other two women arrived, and the three women physically and verbally abused him by slapping him, taunting him, and even applying "Krazy Glue" to his genitals.

The guy was also accused to be a con artist, meeting the women on Craigslist and cheating them out of thousands of dollars.

Although yes, it feels empowering to hear of women standing up for themselves, but let's not forget that three women tying a man down, abusing him, and gluing his genitals to get revenge is somewhat disturbing. But on the upside, perhaps this one man will learn his lesson.

[via Jezebel]