In a sickening act of animal cruelty, some monstrous thugs skinned a cat off its tail.

Shocked owner Beverly Stewart, 42, found her cat Tink in her garden with its tail fur sliced off.

This attack comes just weeks after her other pet Tuddles came home with a bald patch, and cops were alerted about a suspected fire-raising at her porch.

Yesterday the distressed Stewart said: "I feel disgusted, physically sick. The tail was red raw. To do such a thing to a poor, defenceless creature is just barbaric."

"It looks like people have held down the cat and someone has cut round the base of his tail and pulled the skin off. Tink must have been screeching in pain."

Though the cat is recovering at home, it is still in pain, and vets say they may have to amputate.

Chied Inspector Andrew MacLean said police would investigate if the attack on Tink was linked  to the other incidents. He said: "It's despicable to go about deliberately injuring animals."

[via TheScottishSun]