The skin, being the largest organ of the human body, comes along with a million things that can go wrong with it. Here's some extreme skin diseases and conditions we wouldn't want.

1. Accessory Nipples

Accessory nipples just as they sound like - extra nipples that form below the main nipples. They form in a line, like how nipples form in a row on a pig. Both boys and girls can get them.'

2. Rhinophyma

Rhinophyma makes your nose grow out of control (especially if you lie!), becoming bulbous and enflamed. It's a symptom of advanced acne rosacea, which causes chronic flushing of the face. Apparently both Bill Clinton and W.C. Fields had rosacea. Caricatures of the men often show them having round, ruddy, red noses, though many who have the condition often get nose surgery.

3. Black Hairy Tongue

Black hairy tongue doesn't actually have hair, nor is it actually black. Yeast or bacteria form on your tongue, where they produce the characteristic stain and make it seem to be fuzzy. Black is the most common, though it can be in many other shades like brown, orange and white.

4. Leprosy

The ancient disease takes years to run its course. it can be 20 years before the first symptoms appear - a stuffy nose, cuts on the skin, and/or numbness - and longer still before the flesh rotting begins. Scholars have been arguing for years that the leprosy mentioned in the Bible is not leprosy at all. But if treated early, the disease is highly curable. The World Health Organization has started a campaign to wipe out leprosy.

5. Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa

This diagnosis means you have hair growing all over your body - hair that's long, thick, and everywhere it's not supposed to be. The condition can either be inherited or acquired. The inherited form, known as Abras Syndrome, goes way back in history: Petrus Gonzalez from the Canary Islands was captured and "given" as a freak-show gift to the French nobility - who realized that there was nothing wrong with the guy except that he was completely covered in shaggy hair. They then gave Gonzalez a castle, where he started a family. The portraits of Gozalez show that many of his descendants inherited Abras Syndrome from him. As this condition is very rare, when it occurs, it's often as a result of cancer.

6. Cornu Cutaneum

The unfortunate victims of this disease have a "horn" sprouting out from their head. These conical growths aren't actually horns, but rather tumors, sometimes benign and sometimes cancerous. But that doesn't stop it from looking like a horn. One doctor described a patient with a horn three inches long (despite occasional trimmings) that had been growing for 30 years.

7. Human Papillomavirus

The human papillomavirus, often known for its association with cervical cancer, also causes numerous kind of warts. In one extreme case, an Indonesian man with HPV developed pounds of thick, gray, bary-like warts. Since doctors hacked away the growths, the man, Dede Koswara, ditched his job in a freak show, and started searching for a wife.

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