This is one of the few ads we find that doesn't make the girl playing with "girlish" toys, which is what makes it so awesome.

This 1981 Lego ad shows a normal girl, wearing normal clothes, and playing with a toy that aren't meant to be specifically "feminine" in our current view of that. She's also playing with regular Legos, and not some special version for girls that makes a shopping mall or purse or the like. The best part is - she is beautiful.

There are other ads from the '70s and '80s where the girls are in normal clothes that are actually made for playing instead of making a fashion statement, and playing with toys the same way boys would.

At least they didn't have a "feminine" depiction on portraying girls in the past. Like when we see ads now, many of them show girls in pink, playing with "girl" versions of toys - the way girls need to be depicted to sell products.

[via Contexts]