Honestly, women can be more disgusting than disgusting people when it comes to public restrooms. Here are five bathroom crimes we can all live without:

5. Wet toilet paper
We know you're done with the toilet and all, but you didn't have to hose it down, until you turn the toilet paper into pulp. When some thoughtless prick gets the toilet paper all wet, it's so unfair. It's like, woman-to-woman sabotage.

4. Toilet paper everywhere
There's this thing called a bin, it's where you can throw unwanted toilet paper in. Other than that, where did all the toilet paper come from? And why does it end up all over the place? Did "Seat-covering" run amok? Or is to to cover up evidence?

3. Not flushing
Would it kill collective womanhood to just flush it away? It's not exactly nice seeing a stool floating about in the only stall available. That, plus the lack of toilet paper, makes it even grosser.

2. Used pads/tampons shoved behind seat/paper dispenser
Walking into a cubicle being welcomed by a stranger's used sanitary products? Again, it wouldn't kill to wrap it up in toilet paper and throw it into the garbage bin.

1. Pee on the seat.
Or more like, liquid in general. Blood or urine on the seat is nasty. We get it: you're being sanitary by not touching the seat, but you've pretty much left the rest of us screwed.

[via Jezebel]